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Sweet Wins in Sydney


Big Cat finds victory lane once again Down Under

Brad Sweet has once again had a perfect start to his down under campaign, taking a hard fought win at the Valvoline Australian Sprintcar Grand Prix at Valvoline Raceway on December 26th.

The Californian didn’t cruise to victory, having to fight his way to the front by picking off some fast locals including James Thompson who finished second, along with navigating through some pestering lap traffic making for a tough battle on a tricky surface.

“Man that track was challenging, which kinda made it fun. I was so busy in lapped traffic and had to work really hard to make my moves count and my lines stick at times. Some parts of the track were real grippy and others real slick so you had to be on your game”, says an excited Sweet post-race.

After qualifying in sixth position. Sweet started his night by driving around three cars and taking the win in heat four, gaining valuable points and confidence in himself. From there he moved forward one place in the pole shuffle, before succumbing to a clever Daryl Campbell, locking himself in the sixth starting spot for the feature.

The feature proved to be a challenge, but the Big Cat’s poise and class shone through as he navigated his way through the pack and kept a cool head in lap traffic. A caution with five laps to go meant the field went single file and from there Sweet powered home to an emphatic victory, securing the perfect start for he and his Ruhs Bros Motorsports team. The team now moves onto tomorrow night, setting their sights on round 10 of the Ultimate Sprintcar Championship at Valvoline Raceway.

Stay tuned for more news from Ruhs Brothers Motorsports as we take on the best throughout the 2015/16 season. We will be broadcasting full race reports, updates on the team and some exciting media for you all to enjoy.

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